Website Traffic Checker: 13 [FREE Tools] To Estimate Traffic Of Any Site
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Website Traffic Checker: 13 [FREE Tools] To Estimate Traffic Of Any Site

Hello Friends,

Today I discuss How to Check Website Estimate Traffic and 13 Free Website Traffic Checker Tools.

In the world of the internet, many websites and blogs are currently live and thousands of new websites and blogs are getting to live every day. If you need to achieve Blogging then you need to track your and your competitors’ website traffic.

1. SEMRush

SEMRush is that the initial tool, I use to check the website traffic report on any website as well as my rival website and boost my websites’ organic traffic. It gives accurate and provides the closest level of visitor count of any website you want to spy.

website traffic checker
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If you want to estimate the accurate traffic of any website, use SEMrush. It does not only help you read website traffic but also it provides you with an inventory of all the keywords that are serving to your competitors to grow their search traffic.

Whether you recognize it or not, SEMrush is the most suggested tool by most SEO specialists.

How to check website traffic using SEMRush?

If you have a SEMrush account simply login to the dashboard and enter the website URL of the site whose visitor count you would like to grasp. Then you get the result below that not only tells you website traffic but also provides you with a breakdown of any paid traffic that is driving to their site via programs like AdWords.

You can additionally use SEMrush to find the correct kind of affiliate products to market and increase your income, come up with the high performing keywords to boost your overall website organic traffic, check and analyze the backlinks of any website and many more.

2. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is another trusted website traffic monitoring tool. It is actually much more than that but as for the scope of this tool, we will cover the website traffic tracking features of Ahrefs.

website traffic checker
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By far as per my examination, Ahref has got pretty much more things to offer than people have thought.

How to check website traffic using Ahrefs?

If you have an Ahrefs account just log in to the dashboard and enter the website URL of the site whose visitor count you want to know. Then you get the result like something shown below which tells you details of that website traffic. Further, you can even dig into the search results of the top traffic pages and get more traffic on your website.

Overall, although Ahref is a paid tool, still you can get some chances to check your website or competitors website traffic.

3. SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb is a fantastic way of checking any website traffic for free. I highly recommend you to check out Similar Web to estimate the traffic of any site worldwide. It not only provides you with the most competitive insights about any site but also gives you ranking insights for any website.

website traffic checker
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You will not only get the traffic stats of any website, but you will also get the details of how many pageviews it is getting, how much time every visitor is spending, referrals, bounce rate, social influence etc. you will get almost all the results.

That is fantastic information you could get from a free website traffic checking tool, right? 🙂

How to check website traffic using Similar Web?

You just have to go to their website and type in your desired website name to find out the traffic levels of the site.

4. Alexa

One of the best website traffic checker sites is Alexa. I know you are very much familiar about Alexa, after all, we all love to see Alexa rank each and every day right? Do you know that by using Alexa, you can check any website traffic for free? Yes, it is possible to find any website traffic using the Alexa search box. In fact, this is the first method newbies use to know the details of other blogs including average on-page time, bounce rate and unique visitors per month.

website traffic checker
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How to check website traffic using Alexa?

Go to Alexa and enter a website address in the Search Box available.

After entering a website address, you will get important metrics like Alexa Traffic rank (Global), Traffic Rank in Specific demographics like for India specific website, Alexa Traffic Rank in India. Apart from Alexa rank, you will see other websites traffic numbers like page views, page-views per user, bounce rate, time on site and search percentage.

You will also get a list of top search queries for a website. So these search queries can be considered as best performing keywords for that website. Apart from this, Alexa also acts as free website traffic comparing tool, you can use it to compare your website traffic graph with 4 websites of your choice. will not give any traffic estimates for new or websites with few daily visits.

Alexa is not the best website traffic checker tools out there. Because the data available from Alexa is not accurate but you can make your own prediction about the traffic numbers about a website after using this tool.

Alexa Rank is a very important statistics used by many companies to understand that position and reputation of any website. You have to improve Alexa Ranking to get sponsorship and advertisement to your website easily.

5. SE Ranking

SE Ranking will accurately analyze the traffic of your and competitors’ websites. You will be able to see the distribution of traffic across countries and both organic and paid traffic overview.

website traffic checker
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Moreover, the tool clearly shows the distribution of organic and paid keyword rankings, competitors distribution and top pages in organic and paid search.

SE Ranking software provides also a lot of major SEO tools for marketing professionals. Accurate rank tracker, comprehensive website audit, backlink checker and much more you will get just from $31/month.

How to check website traffic using SE Ranking?

They give 14 days free trial, Register SE Ranking and put your website or competitors website in analysis box. After that, you will get all the details about that website.

6. Google Adwords Display Planner

Now Google Ad planner is replaced by Google AdWords Display Planner where you can guess what amount of traffic a website gets. Google display planner is the combination of three long times AdWords tools, the Contextual Targeting Tool, Placement Tool, and Google Ad Planner.

Google Display Planner is the most accurate ways to measure website traffic, after all, it is created by SEO gurus in the industry and you will check any website traffic for free using this tool. I would strongly recommend using Google Adwords Display Planner as a reliable blog traffic checker because whenever I use it, I get accurate results regarding my websites.

This traffic estimating tool from Google will give you important traffic metrics like an average number of visits per visitors, average time on site, unique visitors, total page views, total unique visitors to a website in a month time and broad category for the entered website.

To start using Google display Planner (one of the effective website traffic checker tools) to check traffic to a website, enter the desired website domain name in the “Get ideas and estimates” section’s landing page URL then click on “Get ad group ideas”.

You will now come up with “Available network inventory” impressions that the site you enter. I have analyzed data available from Google display Planner with the traffic details of some websites I own and I find data available from Google Ad Planner very close to my website original traffic numbers.

How to check website traffic using Google Adwords Display Planner?

7. Quantcast

Quantcast is another popular website traffic checking tool among internet users. Quantcast is a digital advertising company, founded in 2006, that specializes in audience measurement and real-time advertising.

website traffic checker
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Quantcast is the perfect free website traffic estimator that provides you with free direct audience measurement including the traffic, demographics and many more details like their interests etc.

In my testings, I found Quantcast consistently shows less visitor count than analytics so I am not sure how accurate it can give traffic stats of a particular website, but it is definitely worth considering.

Note that, a website or blog with a small number of unique visitors will not necessarily display results due to insufficient data. So if your blog or website doesn’t have decent traffic, this tool is of no use for you to measure your website traffic. So you have to again depend on your Google Analytics metrics to precisely get your website traffic data. This is a working website traffic checker to estimate traffic.

8. Rank 2 Traffic

If you are into the Blogging and Digital Marketing field then you will need to know how to generate traffic, like your competitors.

And, if you are a blogger, you will probably know the importance of Alexa Traffic Ranking. Hence, with the Rank 2 Traffic Tool. You can easily check website traffic, without much issue.

free website traffic checker tool
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Rank 2 Traffic

How to check Website Traffic and the benefit of using Rank 2 Traffic?

  • Start comparing site visitors of and,, etc. You can identify leaders in your niche and understand who has more visitors than you do and who has less.
  • You can easily estimate your competitors’ traffic even before launching a website or blog.
  • You can also analyze trends, pros and cons of your competitors to get an edge over them.

9. SpyFu

SpyFu is a powerful SEO tool which is not only useful for website traffic analysis but also a very popular keyword research tool and ads for paid and organic search. It exposes the search marketing secret formula of your competitors with ease.

website traffic checker
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It is a well-designed SEO tool packed with metrics and features specifically geared toward sales, online marketing and digital advertising.

Some Notable Features of Spyfu

  • You can easily check website traffic with accurate data.
  • If you’re into Adwords campaigns, this is a must-have tool.
  • It helps in tracking your keyword rankings. You can monitor your paid and SEO rankings on Google, Bing and Yahoo.
  • It helps in eliminating bad keywords.
  • You can improve your ranks by tapping into your competitors’ keyword strategies.

10. Siteprice

Originally, the siteprice is created with the intention to know the estimated worth of a website. But, in case if you don’t know, it can also be used to guess the estimated worth of any website.

website traffic checker tool
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So, what you really need to do?

Well, you just need to enter the website address and you will find each and every information which is needed.

Other than that, the provides other detailing such as:

  • Daily unique visitors
  • Daily page views
  • Website Worth

A Quick word of mouth

In case if you want to know the daily estimated visitors, you can do the same using SitePrice platform.  But as you know, the data provided by this site is not 100% accurate and it only gives you an idea of the estimated traffic.

11. BuySellAds

Basically, BuySellAds is an ad network for selling banner advertisements on our websites and blogs. We will get traffic estimates very close to the actual traffic numbers on a page, the only condition is that the website or blog should have BuySellAds script installed. So we can believe in the data available from BSA.

website traffic checker
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To check website ranking, the only downside is that we can get estimated page impressions for a website selling advertisement through BSA. To know traffic details about a website, you need to click on the Your Ads here banner pointing to website. Here is a screenshot showing the kind of metrics you will get through BSA.

12. PR News

With PR News, you can predict the number of unique viewers that can read your post of any site or blog.

website traffic checker
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PR News

They have Unique Viewers Estimator where they estimate unique readers of your article without using any plugins, cookies or user IDs. Just enter any domain and their Estimator will tell you how many readers can you expect.

Here are a few features of this site.

  • It can predict the number of views your sponsored content can receive on a platform of your choice.
  • It is also helpful for predicting the traffic of any website’s page and it is so effective even on those websites that hide their view counters.
  • This site is also useful if you want to get some PR for your newly launched app, product, website or blog apart from checking any website traffic for free.

13. Flippa

traffic checker
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One of the easiest ways to find accurate results of any website traffic is to through Flippa. Just go to Flippa and search your competitors’ websites on their search box, if they are selling their sites on Flippa, you will get their Google Analytics reports in PDF format. Basically, these are the accurate results so that you can easily find out how many monthly visits they are getting, what keywords are bringing them top search results and what’s their bounce rates. So why not try your luck? Check out if their sites are listed on Flippa to find out their website traffic for free.

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FAQs About Website Traffic Checker Tools 2019

Here are some of the very important questions you must know about website traffic estimator tools to check any website traffic for free in 2019 and beyond.

1. What are the best tools to check website traffic free online?

The following are some of the best tools to check website traffic for free online in 2019 and beyond.

  • SEMrush (gives you accurate data)
  • Alexa (free tool but widely popular to estimate the popularity of any site)
  • SimilarWeb (a nice combination of both the above tools where you can also find demographics, user metrics, links and on).

2. What is the best way to track visitors to my website?

So far we mostly covered how you can check traffic of your competitors’ websites but what if you want to track visitors of your own site? Is there any best way to track visitors of your own website? If you want to get detailed insights of your own website, we recommend you to check out the following tools as they all are excellent in website tracking.

  • Google Analytics
  • Crazy Egg
  • Clicky
  • Optimizely
  • SEMrush

We highly recommend you to start using Google Analytics (it gives you a tracking code that you can install within your website) if you want to know accurate results of your site. By using Google Analytics, you get access to the following things.

  • Number of users (Sessions)
  • Time spent on the site (Avg. Session Duration)
  • The average number of pages viewed (Pages/Sessions)
  • Bounce rate (100% – the user went to one page and closed the site)
  • Your top-performing pages and the list goes on

3. How do I find out how much my website is worth?

You can use tools like SitePrice, Site Worth Traffic, Webuka etc to easily find how much worth a website is in terms of money. Remember that, the website worth is only helpful to know a website’s value but it doesn’t mean you can sell that website for that price (in some cases, even for new sites, some of these tools show millions of dollars worth).

4. What are the best SimilarWeb alternative tools online?

If you’re looking for the best SimilarWeb alternative online, we recommend you the following;

  • SEMrush
  • Ahrefs
  • Moz
  • Also, check out these best SEO tools which are all great alternatives to SimilarWeb

5. What are the best website traffic generator tools? Are they any good?

Website traffic generator tools, website traffic booster bots, traffic generator bots etc all allow you to generate random traffic using bots.

Here are some of the best website traffic generator tools;

If you want to build a profitable blog that makes money, you should avoid such website traffic generator tools because you need to bring traffic organically and not by using any of such traffic generating bots and definitely they are of no use.

6. How accurate are website traffic estimators?

That’s a fantastic question if you’re too keen on using website traffic estimators to check website traffic for free. Most of the traffic estimator tools don’t provide you with accurate data (especially the free ones).

Do you know why? They simply don’t invest more time or money in indexing the pages of a website (throughout the web) or updating their databases with the latest information. Here’s where premium tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs come into play by providing as much accurate information as possible.

In a nutshell, free website traffic estimation tools only give you an idea about how much approximate traffic a site gives (it’s not accurate information) whereas paid tools like SEMrush give you accurate data because of their largest and regularly updated databases.

7. How to find demographics of a website?

If you’re a website traffic junkie like us, you’ll definitely not be satisfied only by knowing the traffic of a website and you’ll go beyond that by finding demographics of a site. If you’re wondering about how to find demographics (statistical data relating to the population of a region or country) of a website, here are few tools that will help you.

  • SEMrush
  • Ahrefs
  • Alexa and
  • SimilarWeb

Both Alexa and SimilarWeb give you free access to check the demographics of any site. The rest mentioned tools i.e SEMrush and Ahrefs are premium tools but give you much more accurate information.

Final thoughts on tools to check website traffic of competitors for free

From now on,  use the above tools to check any website traffic for free. I hope the website traffic checker tools mentioned in this detailed article will help you estimate the traffic of a website.

I hope you now got the answer to your question “how to check website traffic” from this detailed guide. Don’t rely on just one website traffic checking tool, spend your time on trying out different sites, then find out yourself which is giving you the close numbers.

Though I’m a big fan of Alexa to check any website’s traffic for free, I use it more for fun to spy on the keywords of my competitors. So, give it a shot and try out all the above-mentioned websites to find the website traffic.

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