WordPress or Wix: Must Read before start your Blog
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WordPress or Wix: Must Read before start your Blog

Hello Friends,

Are you planning to start a website?

WordPress and Wix are some of the best website builders that let you easily create beautiful websites in no time. Both of these platforms have their own sets of features. Wondering which one is the best fit for your needs?

In this article, we will do an unbiased assessment of WordPress.org and Wix to decide which platform is better for you.

Before we get into the comparison, let’s talk about what WordPress and Wix are?


WordPress is an open-source software system used by millions of creators around the world to create beautiful blogs and Websites.

wordpress dashboard area
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WordPress Dashboard

It is very user-friendly and completely customizable by the use of themes and plugins. Because it’s an open-source system, anyone can develop WordPress themes and plugins and sell them.

Now WordPress is not only for creating a blog so that you can have a digital diary, but it has also evolved into a full-fledged content management system used by individuals and enterprises alike.

The popularity of WordPress is well recorded:

  • According to W3Techs, WordPress powers 33.6% of all the websites on the Internet.
  • WordPress holds a 60.5% market share for content management systems on websites with a known CMS.

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Wix is a basically cloud-based web development platform that allows users to create HTML5 websites as well as mobile websites through the use of their online drag and drop tools.

wix dashboard area
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Wix Dashboard

Users can add various functionalities such as social plugins, e-commerce stores, contact forms, and community forums, etc to their websites using a variety of either Wix-developed or third-party developed applications.

Wix has over 13,70,000 sites in use on the web.

It requires no development skills and no coding for users to create a beautiful, professional, and functional web presence.

Cost Effective

When you decide to do business, then your 1st thought would be “How much money do I need to start it”, which is pretty obvious.

Cost of WordPress

While WordPress itself is completely free, you need some additional components to build a fully functional website.

Basic Cost to make WordPress website or blog

  • Domain name: $10 a year
  • Hosting: $5 a month
  • (Optional)premium theme: $40+ (if you want to make your website look unique by using a premium design, but there are also beautiful free themes).
  • WordPress Plugins: Some plugins are free; some are available in free and premium (additional functions) both and some are fully paid.
  • Tools: Like plugins, these are also available in free, freemium (Free + Premium) and premium.

Adding all of the above together and you have around $70 a year to run your WordPress website (domain + hosting). If you want to go with premium, the cost can go up to $300 or more.

Cost of Wix

Wix can be used entirely for free, with limitations. 

If you get the Wix free, you get:

  • Free subdomain for your website, and an address following this template: your-username.wix.com/sitename/page-url
  • Free hosting plan. You get 500 MB of storage space and 500 MB of bandwidth monthly. This is not much but should be enough to get started with.
  • Wix’s branding is on your website. All free sites display Wix’s logo.
  • Access to the Wix App Market.
  • Access to the Wix Help Centre.
wix premium plan price
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Wix Premium Plan Price

They Also have premium Plan which is $70 a month. In my opinion, it is a little bit costly.

Ease of Use

Most of the time, beginners choose WordPress or Wix because they don’t want to hire a website designer. Both WordPress and Wix allow you to create websites without learning a single line of code.

Usability of WordPress

WordPress comes with a theme customizer which allows you to edit your theme properties in a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) environment and a visual editor to write your content. However, by default, It does not come with a built-in drag and drop page builder.

To get full control of the appearance, users will have to familiarize themselves with different sections like a theme, customizer, widgets, menus, visual post editor, etc. This means that It requires a small learning curve for beginners.

Usability of Wix

Wix comes with powerful and easy to use tools to build your own website. It offers a simple drag and drop interface where you can select any element on your site and start editing it in a WYSIWYG interface.

You can drag and drop items anywhere on your website, rearrange them on your pages, write content, and add media in a user-friendly environment. Many beginners would find this feature as a blessing as it saves them from dealing with code.

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