6 Awesome Visual Content Marketing Strategies in 2019
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6 Awesome Visual Content Marketing Strategies in 2019

Hello Friends,

Today I discuss Visual Content Marketing strategies. Before talking about Visual Content Marketing, you also need to know a little bit about Content Marketing.

What’s content marketing?

Content marketing is a form of marketing where any information, online or offline that informs and educates the people as some way to make trust and engagement.

It acts as a backbone to attract and retain targeted customers.

In short Content marketing is however we tend to reach to customers and retain them.

The most common formats for content marketing these days are:

  • Blog posts or articles like this one
  • Informational posts on Social Media
  • Survey

But using a content marketing strategy to push your business goes way back!

These days, there’s another powerful technique we’d like to use. It calls visual content marketing.

What is visual content marketing?

Visual content marketing refers to diversify using of text, pictures or videos to convey valuable information in an attractive visual format.

The purpose!

To attract more numbers of people to your website or blog, and make huge sales.

The most common formats for visual content marketing are:

  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Educational or inspiring text
  • Screenshots
  • Photos
  • Memes

Now I am discussing SIX powerful visual content marketing techniques which are mention above one by one, that can go Viral with no time.

1. Infographics

The perfect example of visual content marketing strategy is that the infographic and the list should be starting with it.

The infographic crystalizes tons of data into one easily visible visual format that is a lot more encouraging and easier to understand for any viewer or reader.

In fact, within social media, infographics are four times more likeable and shareable than the other types of content.

Additionally, 85% of content marketers are predicted to use infographics in 2019 as compared to last year. Moreover, the numbers can increase with time passes.

Maybe one of the main reasons for the increase in using infographics in visual content marketing is to increase profits by as much as 13%.

These are the valid reasons why infographics are so essential to push your website and convert your audience to a potential customer.

how to make infographics
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Small Tip- Use Infographics once you have tons of statistical data and create hard-to-understand content into a more perceivable and easily visible format to your audience.

2. Videos

Compiling your visual content is very important. It is proven that images are the primary key to drive the audience for your content. However, the video should even be used whenever possible to convey life to your content. Because videos will be the future of next-generation content.

Digital Marketing

Here is some statistical information for you to keep in mind once considering the use of video:

  • 60% of customers are more supposed to buy a product once looking at a video relating to it.
  • If you use the word video in an email, the likelihood that the email will be opened increase by 17%. Additionally, the click-through rate of an email may increase by 96%.
  • In a survey of Video Marketing Statistics & Trends, it is predicted that 84% of all internet traffic will be video by 2020.

Small Tip- Try to add some emotional point. Emotions are what drive viewers to follow through with your call to action, whether it is subscribing to your channel, sharing your videos or buying your products. Moreover, It has been proven over and over.

3. Inspiring quote cards

A visual illustration of a quote may be a more inspiring way to create emotion and inspire an audience to take action or feel about a brand or product.

Inspiring quote
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By using a brands palette, typography, relevant images, and any other different visual cues to tailor the quote to your message, you may be able to produce way more impact with a quote.

The vital fact of inspiring quotes is that they are quite simple to form and easily shareable through many completely different social media platforms. It can go viral if done in the right way.

Small Tip- Use meaningful images with quotes. It will create a 2X impact on your audience mind.

4. Screenshots

Screenshots will be beneficial to you for backing up the claims you make in your sales content.

The most beautiful part of using screenshot is, it is straightforward to make just by clicking 1 or 2 buttons.

For example, if you are promoting something which can perform certain functions or have any unique feature, a screenshot with a caption can be the visual verification to your audience to trust your claims.

screenshot example
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Small Tip- You can even combine your screenshot with client reviews or a testimonial to spice up your credibility (88% of individual read reviews to see the standard of a business).

5. Photos

Photographs are valued over a thousand words for content marketers. They are eye-candy that attracts readers.

Social Media is all regarding pictures. Moreover, with the short span of people on such social media platforms, pictures became a must-have to grab attention.

photo example for visual content marketing
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Some stats and fact regarding Photos:

There are lots of websites on the internet where you will be able to find stunning stock pictures. You can read this article where I provide the list of 11 best websites to download free stock photos.

Small Tip- If you share an article on a social media platform and use the link to your article, then only your featured image is going to be shared. If your content contains multiple images, then use all those images to re-share your content as image posts over some time.

6. Memes and comics

meme example
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A great way to end this list of visual content marketing strategies that may go viral is by talking about memes and comics.

Everyone loves amusing, and in the internet world, few things have more cause for laughs than the memes we tend to love.

Small Tip- Do not just copy or paste from others. You can take the ideas from others and recreate that, make sure there’s a correlation to your brand; it will increase your brand value with 0 costs.


So these are 6 of the most effective ways to tap into visual content marketing strategies in 2019.

I will update this list in the future. So, keep in touch with us and Click on the bell icon (Bottom Right) to get notification of updates or new post.

Now I prefer to hear from you, which of these visual content marketing formats have you ever tried before?

Alternatively, maybe you have some question about something I talked about. Let me know by leaving a quick comment below right now.

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