PBN Backlink: A kiss of death to your dream website
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PBN Backlink: A kiss of death to your dream website

PBN stands for Private Blog Network. It is the most advanced way to penalise your dream website by yourself. The primary purpose of this creating PBN backlink for their website.

Today I discuss A to Z about PBN.

What are the PBN sites?

PBN sites are a group of websites to build a network of connected websites and blogs. The same person commonly owns these sites.

What is the purpose of PBN sites?

The primary purpose of PBN site owner’s is building backlink to their main money-making website for higher ranking. They also have an option to sell backlink to other website owners and earn some extra money.

pbn backlink
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PBN Sites

Why Did People Create PBN Backlinks?

  • You have full control over your link profile.
  • You can publish content any time as your wish with links to your sites using your preferred anchor text.
  • You can also exchange backlink between sites to increase the flow of link juice to the leading site.
  • With PBN backlinks, you eliminate all the risk of getting zero results from your link building efforts.
  • See immediate results in search rankings.
  • If you run your website in a niche where competition is high, there is a significant risk of failure. There is a possibility that if you do not use PBNs, you cannot compete.

Why should people not create PBN Backlink?

  • The December 2017 Google update takes action specifically against unnatural links—like links from PBNs.
  • High risks. Though some SEO expert uses this strategy and identifies it as a grey-hat technique. Google considers it as entirely negative. Your website may be manually penalised and has little chance of appearing in the top 100 search results.
  • Whole processes of creation of the PBN network takes a lot of time and effort, and the site operators do not pay attention to the quality of the content, they only focus on creating links anyhow to gain high authority.

How to Identify PBN?

The key to characteristic a PBN website is that the cross-site footprint wherever much of the technical information on the sites are the same. Old PBN networks were hosted on same shared servers, had the same IP, had the same WHOIS data, or even used the same content to all sites.

Today, PBNs are much more sophisticated and may be tough for users to identify because the sites span different industries, topics and layouts.

  • Hosting- Are they all on the same IP? You can use SpyOnWeb.com or similar tools to identify what sites are hosted with any other site.
  • Similar themes- WordPress themes sometimes have the theme name in the code. Check the source code in your browser.
  • Site ownership- Check the WHOIS database for the contact information for the owner of the sites. Having hidden WHOIS data is a red flag. If all of the site owners are the same, it’s obvious the blogs are connected.
  • Duplicate content- Check plagiarism or copy a paragraph into Google search to see if the content exists on other sites or not.
  • Backlink profile- Check the backlink profile in Ahrefs or Majestic (these are the largest databases of links) to see how much interlinking is occurring between sites.

What Would I Recommend Instead of Building PBN?

  • I do not use PBN links. Quality guest posts are readily available, and they work better than PBN, so why waste money on something that is a headache.
  • If you do not want guest posting, then writing testimonials for other websites might be a more appealing approach.
  • Creating share-worthy content, with this, you will be able to get some natural backlinks pointing to your sites if someone like your content.
  • Leveraging your social platforms, Social signals play a massive part in SEO.
  • You can create PBN sites (Use fake name and email-id for buying domains and hosting) for selling links to those stupid people who are always ready for burning their money. 😀 But not for your dream website.


If you build PBN backlink for your dream website, then you are responsible for your damage because if Google identifies you are doing these wrong things, then you will always under the radar of Google in future.

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