7 Free Tips to Improve Alexa Ranking Fast
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7 Free Tips to Improve Alexa Ranking Fast

Hello Friends,

Today I am discussing how do you improve Alexa ranking?

What is Alexa ranking?

Alexa is a product of the 2nd largest company in the world Amazon that tracks and maintains the ranking of websites according to their performance.

The daily number of visitors and page views decides the Alexa ranking of a particular website.

Which means More traffic = Boost in Alexa ranking

Your Alexa Rank is an estimate of how popular your site is relative to all other sites.


How is Alexa Rank calculated?

Alexa rank is set using a proprietary methodology that accumulates and merges a website’s estimated traffic and visitor commitment over the past 3 months. Using a combination of estimated average daily unique visitors and Pageviews over 3 months, the site ranking is calculated. These information consists using one among the browser extensions for Google Chrome, Firefox, and internet explorer. Traffic ranks are rationalised daily.

Alexa Ranking Factors

  • Unique Visitors
  • Number of page views
  • Quality and Diversity of the views
  • Site Load Speed
  • Time spent on site per visitor
  • Number of inbound links to the website
  • Social Media share, likes, comments count
  • Bounce Rate and CTR
  • Site UX/UI

Important Tips to Improve Alexa Ranking of your Website

1. Write Unique Content

‘Content is king’ this is a very popular line In the blogging industry.

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Content is King

As you recognize content is the main component of any website. If you use unique content for your website or blog then undoubtedly your Alexa ranking will improve.

Search engine always loves unique content of any websites. If your content is unique then search engine ranking will improve & if search engine ranking will improve then Alexa Ranking will improve also.

2. Write Content regularly

Would you like dead blogs?


Then how can you expect from others that they will like your blog if you are not serious about Blogging and do not update your blog regular basis?

Write content regularly at least once a week helps you in many cases.

  • It helps google bot to understand that you are very serious about blogging and then google will take you very seriously. 😀
  • You don’t need to index your pages or post forcefully, Google will start automatically index everything on a regular basis.
  • It will create the authority of your site to Google, Alexa, and most importantly to your readers.

3. Work with Proven semantic Keywords which already Driving Traffic to your Site

To enhance your site ranking on Alexa, you need to work with already proven, targeted, and relevant traffic fetching keywords. In this way, your site will get more and more traffic and you will see improvements in Alexa ranking.

In order to develop rich quality content, you should have targeted keywords. I will recommend you to go for keywords research before moving ahead. You can use these keyword research tools.

4. Social Networking

The social networking sites have the potential to attract a huge number of visitor to your website and due to the increment in the number of visitors’ your site’s Alexa ranking will definitely improve.

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Social Networking Sites

There are many social networking sites which will help you to get a huge number of visitors to your site depending on your niche. I give you two examples-
Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest work best for travel/fitness/lifestyle/personal blogs or websites.

Twitter/LinkedIn work best for personal, tech, news blogs or websites.

You need to find out yourself which social networking site is giving you the best ROI.

5. Submit Your Blog or Website to search engines and Web directory

Traffic is an indicator of how popular a blog is. When you submit your blog or website to search engines and web directory then you will saw natural growth in incoming traffic to your site. Earlier I told you More traffic = Boost in Alexa ranking.

6. Quality Backlinks

To improve Alexa ranking you need to build high-quality backlinks. Experts suggest creating quality backlinks. High-quality backlinks assist the search engine and clearly define your site’s quality and authority.

High-quality backlinks = High authority = High Ranking = High Traffic = High Alexa Ranking.

7. Analyze your Site to detect error and fix that as soon as possible

To boost Alexa ranking of your website you need to ensure that your site is running error-free, and your site doesn’t have any error that can create an effect on your site SEO. Major search engines like Google take it very seriously and they observe the site errors very deeply and they can easily downgrade your site in the search results if they find any types of error on the webpage.

Drop on Ranking = Drop on organic traffic = Drop on Alexa Ranking

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Alexa Site Audit

To analyze your website performance there is an advanced audit tool on Alexa.com. Try it once and find out errors and other technical issues that you can correct to improve your Alexa ranking.

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Above all tips help you to increase Alexa rank of your website.

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