100+ Free Blog Directory Submission Sites to Submit Your Blog
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100+ Free Blog Directory Submission Sites to Submit Your Blog

All of us wants to promote our blog, and there are various ways to promote your blog and also get more traffic. Blog directory submission is one of those ways.

Today I discuss everything about directory submission.

What is a Blog Directory Submission?

Blog directories are a huge collection of websites or blogs based on categories and subcategories just like a phone directory. Submitting your blog to on such directories are called blog directory submission.

What are the benefits of directory submission?

Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc checks the number of quality backlinks of your website to rank it. More quality Backlinks you have more chances you get the higher rank on SERPs.

So, if you want your blog post in 1st page of search result then you should submit your blog to blog directories to get some backlinks from it. Having a top ranking in search result also help you to increase your blog traffic and improve your Alexa rank.

Submitting your blog and blog post to blog directories will help you in multiple ways

  • Your blog will get massive exposure to a completely new audience
  • You can generate a good number of backlinks to your blog
  • Increase in the blog’s overall earnings

Getting massive exposure: Audience is the primary reason for your blog’s existence. You have got your own set of audiences. How about crossing those limits and obtaining seen by an even larger audience! Yeah, blog directories show your website or blog for each connected search query on their database. Which means a lot of probabilities of getting noticed by audiences who do not know about your blog.

Get quality and safe backlinks: By submitting your blog on blog directories you will get backlinks pointing to your site which will help you in the ranking. Some blog directories also provide do-follow backlinks. Imagine what benefit you get on your blogs ranking in the SERPs.

Increase in the blog’s overall earnings: Blog directories are the most effective place for businesses owners to look for a paid review or anything else. Since you are a member of those directories your website is visible to those brands easily. The probabilities are higher you get business opportunities from them like sponsored reviews or banner advertisements on your blog.


If you do not know how to submit your blog on the directories, you do not need to worry about that. It is a very easy process to do.

directory submission process
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Directory Submission Processes

Step1- Select a directory which is suitable for you.
Step2- Check SEO friendliness such that DA and spam score.
Step3- Read submission guideline.
Step4- Provide details about your site.
Step5- Confirm your submission Via E-mail.

Tips to Easily Submit Blog in The Blog Directory

It is not an easy task to submit your blog to hundreds of directories. It is a very time-consuming process. So, to avoid this difficulty I want to share a process of submitting the blog with ease.

Just follow these steps to make it easier

  • Create a Notepad and copy your all blog URL here.
  • Write a heading and 2-3 line description. Save it.
  • Open blog directories and now just copy paste URL, title and description in each blog directories.

If you follow this process then you can easily submit your blog in multiple blog directories very easily in no time.

Do not submit your blog post in all directories in a single day and manually indexing all links. Because If you do this then there is a chance Google or other search engines will take this as a spamming activity which will affect your blog negatively. Submit to 5 to 10 directories in a single day and leave it on the search engines to auto crawl and index those links.

blog directory submission
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Best Blog Directory Sites

27 High DA & PA Blog Directories Submission Site

1. HugedomainsDA- 95 PA- 52 SS- 1
2. Boing BoingDA- 89 PA- 73 SS- 1
3. AllTopDA- 70 PA- 64 SS- 7
4. BlogaramaDA- 63 PA- 69 SS- 1
5. BlogAddaDA- 53 PA- 63 SS- 1
6. IndibloggerDA- 52 PA- 62 SS- 1
7. EntirewebDA- 52 PA- 58 SS- 3
8. BloghubDA- 44 PA- 63 SS- 0
9. PlazooDA- 42 PA- 64 SS- 4
10. BloggernityDA- 42 PA- 64 SS- 0
11. OntoplistDA- 42 PA- 63 SS- 1
12. Blogs-collectionDA- 36 PA- 58 SS- 1
13. SitepromotiondirectoryDA- 36 PA- 53 SS- 7
14. SomuchDA- 36 PA- 51 SS- 4
15. FuelmyblogDA- 36 PA- 49 SS- 4
16. WilsdomainDA- 36 PA- 49 SS- 6
17. TopsiteswebdirectoryDA- 35 PA-53 SS- 9
18. Blog-searchDA- 35 PA- 55 SS-1
19. CipinetDA- 34 PA- 52 SS- 0
20. Sonic RunDA- 33 PA- 62 SS- 8
21. HighrankdirectoryDA- 30 PA- 49 SS- 0
22. BlogvilleDA- 29 PA- 54 SS- 0
23. BloglistingDA- 29 PA- 59 SS- 9
24. GainwebDA- 28 PA-46 SS- 5
25. BlogdirectoryDA- 27 PA- 48 SS- 8
26. PromotebusinessdirectoryDA- 26 PA- 48 SS- 0
27. Worldweb-directoryDA- 25 PA- 43 SS- 0


I only recommend you to submit your blog in 25 high-quality directories which are given above. Don’t submit your blog in low-quality directories. Otherwise, it may affect your blog negatively. If you still want to submit your blog in such directories then check them below. Do not forget to check DA, PA, and Spam Score before submitting your site.

108 Directories to Submit Your Blog

  1. addyourblog
  2. addbusiness
  3. a1webdirectory
  4. alistsites
  5. ananar
  6. anoj
  7. bedwan
  8. bestbusinesswebdirectory
  9. bizzdirectory
  10. blogdirectory
  11. bloggernow
  12. blogrollcenter
  13. blogswirl
  14. blogflux
  15. bocaiw
  16. directoryseo
  17. freedirectorysubmit
  18. freetoprankdirectory
  19. h-log
  20. happal
  21. homepageseek
  22. info-listings
  23. jewana
  24. linkpedia
  25. livepopular
  26. onlinesociety
  27. pegasusdirectory
  28. prolinkdirectory
  29. ranaf
  30. submissionwebdirectory
  31. w3catalog
  32. blogdirs
  33. bloghints
  34. blogsthatfollow
  35. freeaddurl
  36. mvomrat
  37. rapidenetwork
  38. spillbean
  39. thecgisite
  40. wordpressblogdirectory
  41. 1abc
  42. addbusiness
  43. addfreewebdirectory
  44. addurlguide
  45. bizzdirectory
  46. blogdirectory
  47. bloggernow
  48. blogrollcenter
  49. blogswirl
  50. blogflux
  51. blogdir
  52. blogsrater
  53. bloglisting
  54. bocaiw
  55. directoryseo
  56. freedirectorysubmit
  57. freetoprankdirectory
  58. findsites
  59. h-log
  60. happal
  61. highrankdirectory
  62. homepageseek
  63. info-listings
  64. jewana
  65. linkpedia
  66. linksmaximum
  67. link-minded
  68. livepopular
  69. nexusdirectory
  70. onlinesociety
  71. pegasusdirectory
  72. picktu
  73. prolinkdirectory
  74. promotebusinessdirectory
  75. ranaf
  76. rocktheadored
  77. sitepromotiondirectory
  78. submissionwebdirectory
  79. synergy-directory
  80. the-free-directory
  81. topsiteswebdirectory
  82. wilsdomain


I hope this article is helpful to you. Now you can easily submit your blog to blog directories.

I will update this list in the future. So, keep in touch with us and Click on the bell icon (Bottom Right) to get notification of updates or new post.

If you are going to share this list on anywhere else like social, blog, forum, etc do consider giving credit to this article. If you know any other blog directory where one should submit their blog, let me know via comments.

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