5 Best WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugins
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5 Best WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugins

Abandoned carts are a menace to the eCommerce sector. At the same time, when handled efficiently and smartly, abandoned carts have the potential to increase the revenue by 10X. This is why the saying goes that there are two sides to the same coin.

It is up to you to opt for the side. If you have decided to deal with it and recover the lost sales, Congrats!. You have taken the first step to taste success.

The reasons for cart abandonment are numerous. Similarly, to entice your customers with abandoned cart email WooCommerce plugins of various types are available. But is email the only way to recover an abandoned cart?

Today I give you the list of best WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery plugins.

The WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery plugins listed here deliver results beyond emails to win back customers. Give it a read to find out more.

Name of the best WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery plugins

1. Retainful

best woocommerce abandoned cart recovery plugins
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The name says it all – Retainful. Bring back your prospective customers who abandon their carts with this simple and effective WooCommerce plugin.

Borja Rachid has this to say about Retainful, “This product has worked great for our business and has allowed us to convert customers that we most likely would not have. It’s very easy to set up and the plugin provides tremendous support if needed.” That sums it up.

Check out the features.


Abandoned Cart Recovery emails

  • The capability to send out numerous automated abandoned cart recovery emails at preset intervals.
  • Craft the email body using the templates, Wysiwyg editor, and shorts codes for the sake of personalization.
  • An insightful dashboard that gives information about abandoned/recovered carts along with the order value.
  • Real-time tracking of shopping carts is possible with a special option for guest carts.

Email Collection Popup

  • Retainful displays customizable email collection pop-ups to initiate abandoned cart recovery. This is very much needed for guest users.
  • A relatively new feature is the ‘coupon for email collection popup’ which can be given along with this popup to encourage customers to provide the email details. 

Next order Coupon

This feature of Retainful helps in retaining customers by giving away coupons for their purchases. Though not directly related to abandoned cart recovery, this does help in reducing cart abandonment in the long run.

Countdown Timer with Coupon Auto Apply

Countdown timer helps in reducing cart abandonment and when it is displayed along with a coupon code, the effect doubles. Retainful also provides the option to apply a coupon automatically or manually in this case.


FREE for a lifetime with the basic features such as abandoned cart recovery emails and next order coupons.

All the other features such as email collection popup, a coupon for email collection, and countdown timer are available only in the Premium version of Retainful.

Premium Plan starts from $69/year.

2. CampaignRabbit

best woocommerce abandoned cart recovery plugins
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CampaignRabbit is one of the best-abandoned cart email plugins that you can find in the eCommerce marketplace. If email marketing is what you are thinking about to recover your abandoned carts, then your search ends right here with CampaignRabbit.


  • Set up automated email campaigns to win back customers who abandon carts. Campaigns can be used to send welcome emails, follow-up email, product recommendations, cart abandonment reminder, and even a personalized offer.
  • The emails can be designed using a drag and drop visual email builder. This helps people who have nil knowledge of coding.
  • CampaignRabbit allows monitoring each and every movement of the customer including the time and day of orders.
  • Targeted marketing is made possible with the feature of customer segmentation.
  • The exit-intent popup is an outstanding feature of CampaignRabbit that helps display personalized offers, coupon codes, price alerts, and any other messages.


  • FREE: 0- 100 customers
  • $ 14: 100- 2000 customers
  • $ 29: 2000- 5000 customers
  • $ 49: 5000- 10000 customers
  • $ 69: 10000- 20000 customers

3. Recart – The New GhostMonitor

best woocommerce abandoned cart recovery plugins
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Not one feature but there are many that Recart provides for WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery alone. Claiming to be 6 different apps integrated into one, Recart boasts of the following attributes that make it one-of-a-kind.


  • Automated Facebook Messenger Campaigns to bring back customers.
  • Provides a pre-built, 3 email automated campaign for abandoned cart recovery.
  • Sends push notifications and SMS messages for cart recovery.
  • Reduces abandonment by displaying ‘Add to Cart’ popup.
  • Analyze cart abandonment with a real-time dashboard.
  • Other features include email capture, checkout and login tracking, and form autofill.


The pricing criteria is quite different here.

The Recart pricing page says ‘Pricing based on the extra sales we make you’.  It has a slider which displays the amount.

  • Upto $1,000 extra sales – $29 per month
  • Upto $2,500 extra sales – $49 per month
  • Upto $5,000 extra sales – $89 per month

And so on…

Quarterly, half-yearly, and annual payment options available too.

28-day free trial available.

4. Conversio

best woocommerce abandoned cart recovery plugins
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With more than 1000+ active installations, Conversio is an abandoned cart plugin that does a commendable job when it comes to recovering abandoned carts. In fact, Conversio is just more than an abandoned cart recovery plugin. Check out the features.


  • Create and send automated abandoned cart emails, follow-up emails, newsletter emails, and purchase receipts to your customers.
  • The plugin provides pre-made email templates that can be customized as per needs.
  • Customers can be segmented to draft targeted emails and make marketing easier.
  • Provides tools to get feedback and product reviews from customers.


30-day free trial.

Starts at $9 per month based on the number of orders.

5. Abandoned Cart Reports For WooCommerce

best woocommerce abandoned cart recovery plugins
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Abandoned Cart Report

Metrics are absolutely essential to deal smartly with people who use eCommerce for all their shopping needs. This WooCommerce abandoned cart report plugin by Small Fish Analytics provides the necessary data to identify the abandoned carts in an online store.


  • Monitors each and every movement of carts – adding of products to carts, cart abandonment, and cart recovery.
  • Possible to filter the carts based on status for a better understanding of the in-built dashboard.
  • Records the customer name, email ID, and IP address to initiate a follow-up process.
  • Takes note of the products in the cart and the total value too.
  • The dashboard gives an overview of cart abandonment trends in the form of a graph.


Free Lite version.

Premium Plan starts from $35/year for the business use.

I know it is hard to choose. I would suggest that first of all, think about what is it that you require in a cart recovery plugin. Match the requirements with the features and consider the pricing too.

Think wise, choose wisely. With this, I presume that you have chosen either Retainful or CampaignRabbit.

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